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Meditating with Crystals and Stones

Meditating with a crystal can greatly enhance your experience. crystals, especially quartz, are superconductors of energy, as is evident from their use in the high tech industry. By tuning into your crystal during meditation you can amplify the energy you are channeling. Healers often use crystals when healing in order to open blocked energy lines. Reiki healers also often use crystals during their light work in order to amplify and direct channeled energy.  Everyone can benefit from meditating with crystals and stones in order to heal and enlighten.

Preparing your Stones

Before you begin any meditation with a new stone, you will want to cleanse it. Stones and crystals both conduct and store information.  Since they retain information, you want to make sure that you remove any old information and energy that the stone has stored before you use it. Most stones can be washed in warm water and then put out into the sun to dry. Most stones will benefit from a sun bath, and in fact should have them on a regular basis. Some stones, such as opal and amber, should be treated to light sunbaths of just a few minutes, while other stones can enjoy the sun all day. The sun will cleanse old karma from the stone as well as recharge them with fresh information and energy, direct from Hunab Ku.


Quartz cluster from Veracruz, Mexico getting a little sun bath of love.

Choosing a Crystal for Meditation

The crystal or stone you choose to meditate with will depend on the intent of your meditation, your mood and simple preference. You can experiment with different stones, noticing as you meditate the colors that you see, the thoughts that flow through your mind and the way the stone makes you feel in general. pay attention to instinct and make notes after your mediation so you can reflect on your experiences later. You can also consult the literature as to the specific properties of each stone. Remember, however, that in the end it is your direct experience that matters so don’t take what you read as the unbendable truth.


Sea of amber sparkling in the sunlight!

During Meditation

Start by sitting in a comfortable position. Hold your crystal in one hand sitting in your lap with the other hand on top. Visualize energy entering your body through the top of your head. See it entering straight into your heart charkra, where it then charges and runs down your arms and through the palms of your hands. As this beam of light exits your palms it enters the crystal where it is recharged and sent back through your body, completing the circle. Meditate on this energy and feel it as it runs through you.

Rainbow family crystal alter at Tikal, Guatemala, Winter Solstice 2007

Storing Your Crystals

You can store your crystals in any place that you feel appropriate. Some enjoy seeing their crystals daily, and place them on alters in places where they can radiate their beauty and energy. Placing them on window seals will add protection to your home as well as enhance and cleanse the sunlight that enters your home.  Make sure that wherever they are they are safe from falls or damage. Giving them a soft cloth to sit on will help to keep them from being unintentionally scratched. Protect your crystals and give them lots of love and they will reflect the same back to you.

Chiapas amber teething necklace, full of love for the wearer.

Stones and crystals can impart their healing and energy channeling properties when worn as jewelry as well.  If you don’t have time to meditate or simply want to benefit from the healing properties of stones throughout your day, choose jewelry that not only compliments your outfit but also your mood.

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Many blessings!








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